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Zinc dithiophosphate - Wikipedia

2020-11-28 · Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (often referred to as ZDDP) are a family of coordination compounds developed in the 1940s that feature zinc bound to the anion of a dialkyldithiophosphoric acid (e.g., ammonium diethyl dithiophosphate). These uncharged compounds are not salts. They are soluble in nonpolar solvents, and the longer-chain derivatives easily dissolve in mineral and synthetic oils used ...

Debunking the Urban Legend of ZDDP - LiveAbout

2018-9-28 · Removing ZDDP from Engine Oils . It is now clear that modern passenger car engines are quite different in their need for ZDDP. Many are multi-valve overhead cam engines with lower spring pressures. Those modern engines that still use an overhead valve arrangement use roller lifters instead of …

ZDDP – a media production company

Being technical director for 98260 comes with working with so many creative people on a documentary web series following local business as they navigate the rapidly changing environment.

ZDDP - Lube Performance Additives

ZDDP Elco ZDDP’s Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates. The Elco Corporation manufactures a wide variety of ZDDP’s. By modifying the alkyl group structure and type, Elco has designed a broad range of specialty applications into the line of ZDDP’s. All have excellent antiwear and oxidation properties. Use the table below to assist in finding the ...

ZDDP – What Does It All Mean? - Alexander Duckham …

2020-12-10 · ZDDP in Duckhams classic motor oil – How it works in your engine. ZDDP was developed in the 1940s and was being used as bearing corrosion inhibitors and as a key ingredient in anti-rust paint primers before Duckhams introduced it to our engine oils. ZDDP is added to Duckhams to enhance lubrication by acting as the ‘anti-wear’ additive.